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6/11/2021 - hollykaykirby, Instagram post engagement, "What an awesome resource for people!!"
6/4/2021 - elchinoconvino, DM via Instagram, "This is great!! I'll look into this for my upcoming trip in September to the Willamette."
5/30/2021 - M. Muratori, DM via LinkedIn, "It’s stunning! Years ago I was looking for a similar project and now I see it is real."
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3/19/20201 - Doug, DM via Facebook, "Great site! I especially like how you've added the 'EZ up button" for 2021 open wineries."
3/15/2021 - C. Teichroeb, DM text, "This is amazing! This will make finding a glass of wine so much easier. This map is great...it works pretty much like airbnb which is easy...I've been to a couple more but don't have photos so now its making me want to go drink just to leave lovely photos. I'll send the link to a friend that I know is in a wine club."
3/13/2021 - T. Boleyn, Facebook SHARE & Boost, "Are you looking to get back out there? I love what Vino Voyage is doing. Here's a way to discover who is open and offering outdoor...plus has the varietal you like. And then you can give back by sharing info about where you've been. Cheers! (P.S. Also it is female-founded!)
3/11/2021 - E. McClure, DM on LinkedIn, "Cool concept! A quick google search shows a handful of aggregated regional wine clubs but, your travel/tasting piece adds a pretty killer advantage that I haven't seen."
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3/9/2021 - J. Leenaarts, DM via Linkedin, "You and your team created a great concept to support and encourage wine tourism. I will share your information with my customers and trade associates." 3/8/2021 - P. Schmidt, DM via Linkedin, "I wanted to compliment you on your website!  I wish something like that had been around when I started traveling to wine country 25+ years ago! I am using it extensively for a research/anniversary trip my wife and I are taking in May."
3/1/2021 - M. Abou-Rizk, DM via LinkedIn, "I love your company idea. Congrats!!"
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2/3/2021 - K. Horenstein, DM via LinkedIn, "Was just checking out your website! I have a group of friends that do wine trips - this looks perfect!"
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2/3/2021 - A. Prager, DM via Facebook, "This is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I was about to table going to the wine country as I didn't want to research each individual winery to see who was open on Monday's and offered heated outdoor tastings."
1/29/2021 - Cellar Cat, Tweet, "You are a great find!! We are opening another wine-centric venture soon and your website is a wonderful resource!"
1/29/2021 - River&Vines, Tweet "Thanks @_vinovoyage for helping *celebratory emoji(s)*"